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Friday, June 7, 2013


 Just because I abandoned this site for awhile doesn't mean that nothing has been happening in our lives.  Miss Jackie was born late Friday under a double rainbow.  She and her mother are doing well.  Many people have asked how they can help and while greatly appreciated, I just can't think of anything at the moment. 
 The day after Jackie's birth, her eldest brother and I ran the 5K in the biggest local foot race.  Doug was significantly faster than me but I measure success in completion.  Doug and I also built a pergola / arbor for grapes along the side of our garage.  It will also enclose a chicken coop and provide support for a hammock.

It was also Doug's 8th grade graduation.  While I usually don't think much about the hoopla society seems to want to attach to every mundane event of life, I am led to reflect that I now have a child in high school.  His Intermediate academic career was productive and he received a departmental award for orchestra in recognition I expect for his dancing skills with the upright bass.  He developed an excellent rapport with the administration and in addition to the expected accolades, he was presented with a group photo of himself and the staff in full star wars cos-play.  He said this was his favorite award of the day.

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  1. That's AWESOME Greg! You've been really BUSY! I love your idea of growing grapes and having a chicken coop underneath! Please post updates on that; I'd love to know how it works. We tried a vegetable garden here a few times, but we live in the city and it's almost impossible to have a garden or anything like grapes or even chickens because of the giant rodents (possums & raccoons) and the predatory birds (hawks) who frequent our yard (I gave up after they kept destroying my beautiful cabbage, squash, and my composter). What's crazy (and dangerous) to me is if we want to get rid of the giant rodents, we have to capture them and feed/water them like a pet in an approved cage until the County guys can pick them up. So someday I hope we're able to move somewhere outside the city; I dream about having a couple outdoor dogs and cats to help keep out/get rid of the giant rodents and some goats and chickens to control the weeds/grass; while being provided fresh eggs, meat, and goats milk. ;)

    Eric and I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS on being a Daddy again! Tell Cheryl we said hello and CONGRATULATIONS on being a Mommy again! ^_^

    My goodness Doug is growing up SO fast (I remember being at his first birthday when you guys lived in married housing)! Wow how time flies!